CURRENT MINISTRY: Luke and Erin work through the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission in the Flathead valley.  They work through local churches and independently to reach the Native American people's within the three local tribes.  They reside in Ravalli, MT.
CONTACT: Luke Lacey - 64748 Buffalo Street, Ravalli, MT 59863 -

ROMANS 10:13 - 15

13 . . . “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” 14 How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? 15 How will they preach unless they are sent?" (NASB)

CURRENT MINISTRY: Their primary ministry is called TNT (training national trainers), where they equip national pastors and leaders to teach God's word with God's heart. These pastors then teach others, who, in turn, teach future generations of leaders how to mentor more indigenous leaders. This work is flourishing throughout Asia. the South Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the former Soviet Union.

CONTACT: Leadership Resources - 12575 Ridgeland - Palos Heights, IL 60463

   MILLS, Bill & Karen - Leadership Resources International, Illinois

CURRENT MINISTRY: Their romance “sparked” after a move to Portland, OR. Resulting in marriage and a team working with the students at Oregon State University.  They now live and serve in Portland, OR.

CONTACT: Stacy & Holly Gorton - 7845 SE 103rd Ave, Portland, OR. 97266 -

   DAILEY, Lloyd & Suzette - Montana

CURRENT MINISTRY: Lloyd and Suzette direct Camp Utmost in Greenough, MT.
CONTACT: Lloyd & Suzette - 12901 Utmost Way - Greenough, MT. 59823 -

Local & national


Our Missionaries

    ZANABRIGA, Filemon & Martha - Mexico

     Kevin & Lavinia, Israel

CURRENT MINISTRY: Melissa is now working with New Tribes Missions in the finance department at headquarters.  With her former service on the field in Indonesia, she is very skilled in improving the over all effectiveness of NTM's international efforts.

CONTACT: Melissa Mattingly - c/o New Tribes Mission - 1000 E. First St. - Sanford, FL 21771

    LACEY, Luke & Erin - Montana

   HEGE, John & Wendy - Alaska

   Gorton, Stacy & Holly - Oregon

    LOYOLA, David & Neli - Texas

CURRENT MINISTRY: John & Wendy minister to the youth in Alaska.  John is the associate director of Covenant Youth of Alaska (CYAK). It takes time and consistency to gain an audience with natives from this area. John and Wendy sponsor and hold staff training retreats throughout Alaska. Their primary focus is training leaders through relational outreach and discipleship.

CONTACT: John & Wendy Hege - 16635 Centerfield Dr., #202 - Eagle River, AK. 99577 - -

CURRENT MINISTRY: The Odanga's are involved in the evangelism and discipleship of youth. Their ministries include Bible clubs in public schools and churches, sports outreach, Islamic outreach, and prison ministry. Peter is also serving as Field Director for Word of Life in Kenya.

CONTACT: Word of Life Ministries - PO Box 600 - Schroon Lake, NY 12870 -

CURRENT MINISTRY: A & A are both involved in Bible teaching, discipleship, and encouraging the use of “heart music” in worship within local churches. They teach at a Bible School as well as lead workshops in various communities as opportunities arise. 

CONTACT: Because of the need of anonymity, contact can be made through the LRBC office.

    ODANGA, Peter & Juddy - Kenya

    A & A - Brazil

CURRENT MINISTRY: Julio and Alma are missionaries that are both involved in teaching at the Rio Grande Bible Institute. Alma teaches in both the Language School and Bible College. Julio teaches Bible, Daniel, Revelation, Greek I and Greek II as well as being the school registrar.
CONTACT: RGBI - 4300 S. Hwy 281 - Edinburg, TX 78539 -

CURRENT MINISTRY: David and Neli are currently serving as missionaries in several different ministries of Rio Grande Bible College. They serve in the radio station of the RGBC. David is also now the V.P. of Education for the Bible college and together they are involved in the international outreach and ministry development of the college.

CONTACT: 4300 S. Hwy. 281- Edinbug, TX 78539 -

Lone Rock Bible Church

    VARELA, Julio & Alma - Texas

    GONZALEZ, Armando & Ellie - Mexico

CURRENT MINISTRY: Kevin works among Messianic Jews, Arab Christians and other international Christian students who are studying in Israel. Part of their ministry is  training/encouraging Christians on how to reach to Jewish and Muslim students around them. They look forward to helping the students live out Acts 1:8. Pray for he and his wife for their growth together in ministry and the Lord's provision as they raise additional funding.


CURRENT MINISTRY: Armando and Ellie are continuing the work began by Janet West in Ahuehuezingo, Mexico. Their primary focus is reaching children through Bible clubs in Mexico. They reach into four local communities where he teaches Kid's Bible Clubs in those communities. The Lord has also given them the opportunity to start a church in Ahuehuezingo. Pray for strength and closeness for he and his wife as they minister together. 

CONTACT: Mexico Mission in care of Simms Community Church - PO Box 141 - Simms, MT 59477

    THOMAS, Kefah & Edinah ​Kenya


    MATTINGLY, Melissa - Georgia

    OLVERA, Jon & Trish - Texas

CURRENT MINISTRY: The Olveras have recently relocated to their agency's headquarters near Dallas, TX.  Their experience on the field in Honduras will be employed in improving efforts to reach Hispanics in the U.S. and abroad. Jon is pursuing additional training in counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary.  He wants to prepare to come along side missionaries with CAM International when they have struggles in the missionary ministry.

CONTACT: CAM International - 8625 La Prada Dr. - Dallas, TX 5228 -

CURRENT MINISTRY: Natives of Kenya, God has directed Pastor Kefah and Edinah to begin a ministry through their church. They were connected to Lone Rock Bible Church by way of the internet. Two men from Lone Rock were able to visit them in August of 2013 and see first-hand the ministry that God has given them.  

CONTACT: Randy Turner -

CURRENT MINISTRY: Through God's directing, Filemon came to faith in Christ while working in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. Lone Rock Bible Church was able to come to his aid and loved him through many struggles.  God is now using Filemon and his wife Martha to minister in Filemon's home state of Oaxaca where he is an itinerant pastor.  Pray for the Lord's provision and direction through medical challenges and guidance as the seek to do His will.

CONTACT: Randy Turner - Missions Pastor @ LRBC