Lone Rock Bible Church

At Lone Rock Bible Church, we believe that the church should be active within our local community.  Our first priority of service is our local community.  There are many needs within the Lone Rock and Stevensville communities that allow us to show the love of Christ to the community around us. Contact the church office to see how Lone Rock Bible Church is currently serving our community and how you can get involved.

While our first priority of service is our local community - Christ clearly tells us and demonstrates that we need to have a passion and vision for others around the world.  At Lone Rock Bible Church, we strive to offer opportunities of service that go beyond our community and even beyond the borders of the United States to make an impact for the cause of Christ around the world.  

There are countless opportunities for service at Lone Rock Bible Church. We firmly believe that God does not call any of us to be spectators within the local church - but active and contributing participants. God gives each of us strengths and gifts to help encourage and build up the local church.  All of the ministries within Lone Rock Bible Church are areas where you can use your strengths and passions to glorify God through service.

in the community

Around the world

in the church

As a follower of Christ, service is an important aspect of our lives. Serving not only creates opportunities to share the Gospel with our words but to live the Gospel with our lives. There are many opportunities to serve in and through Lone Rock Bible Church. Scripture tells us that Christ did not come to be served - but to serve. As we endeavor to be like Christ, service will be a vital part of our Christian life.